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The anticipation of a wedding is such a delightful time. The focus is on the future, a new kind of future for the couple, their families and their extended families. As couples prepare for their wedding, our aim is to help and lend support, encouragement and affirmation during the preparatory period and at the time of the marriage.  St. Philip's believes that our first duty, concerning weddings, is to our members and their children. For this reason, the bride or groom, or a parent of the bride or groom, must be an active member in good standing, which means baptized, confirmed, participates in stewardship by maintaining a pledge, and attends Church services at St. Philip’s on a regular basis.

Christian marriage, a sacramental rite of the church, is intended to be a lifelong union of heart, body, and mind in accordance with the purpose for which it was instituted by God. It is advisable to contact the church as early as possible during the planning for this happy occasion. One member of the couple is required to be a baptized Christian. Please contact a member of the clergy to discuss your wedding and to arrange for pre-marital counseling.


Holy Baptism is one of the two great sacraments of the church instituted by our Lord Jesus Christ. Through water and the Holy Spirit, it is full initiation into the body of Christ, the Church.

Baptisms normally will be scheduled during public worship and should be arranged with the church office at least a month prior to the date of Baptism. The Clergy will meet with families for instruction. We offer these dates now so that you can arrange with members of families who must travel so that they can be here for the special occasion. Of course, family or personal circumstances may require still other dates for baptism. Arrangements can be made with Father Steve.  Send us your contact information through email on the Contact page or call and leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Emergency baptisms may be done by any baptized person by baptizing with water "in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit."


Confirmation in the Episcopal Church is a sacramental rite in which a baptized person makes a mature and public affirmation of the promises that are normally made at Baptism.  After making these affirmations, a bishop in apostolic succession lays hands on the candidate and prays a prayer of confirmation.  (See the Book of Common Prayer for the promises made at Baptism, pp. 299-308, and for the proceedings at Confirmation, pp. 413-419)

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